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7 Things to do in Tampa Bay 


So you’ve made it to Tampa, and now you’re ready to explore the city. With so much to do and see, where do you even begin? From speedboat and Segway tours to the historic Ybor district, there is no shortage of fun and exciting things to see, engage in, taste, and enjoy while visiting. If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of the “must-dos” during your vacation, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you love an adrenaline rush, nightclubs, animals, or all of the above, the city has no limit to the amazing excursions and activities it offers. You can book your adventures ahead of time, or see where each day takes you and pick from some of the options below to really get a feel for what makes Tampa so special. The only question is: are you ready to make the City Of Champions your new favorite destination?

The Florida Aquarium

The Florida Aquarium In Tampa Bay

Price: $

Why You Need To Go: Being near water, it’s no wonder Tampa is home to an incredible and noteworthy aquarium. You can experience sea life like never before with up-close exhibits and conservation areas that let you glimpse 9,000 magnificent oceanic creatures.

Tampa Bay Speed Boat Adventures

Tampa Speed Boat Adventures

Price: $ – $$

Why You Need To Go: You can captain your own excursion while an expert “guides” you around St Pete Beach and Tampa on this epic 13-mile tour. The narrated tour plays on the boat sound system so you can enjoy learning about the area all while discovering it for yourself!

Busch Gardens

Price: $ – $$

Why You Need To Go: Do you love a good adrenaline rush? Why not swing by Busch Gardens for some thrilling roller-coaster action to get your heart pumping? If you want to see some truly incredible exhibits, the zoo features thousands of animals from around the world. This park is a unique combination of thrills and amazing sights everyone can enjoy.

Explore Bayshore Boulevard

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: This popular destination for tourists and locals alike will lead you through some of Tampa’s most breathtaking areas, including stunning seaside views and historic neighborhoods boasting sprawling mansions. You can rent bikes or take a leisurely wander along this piece of history, and the best part is one of those options won’t cost you a cent!

Kayak Or Canoe The Waterways

Price: $ – $$

Why You Need To Go: Thanks to its’ various waterways, the city is ideal for anyone wanting to spend a little time paddling around. You can choose from boat, kayak, or canoe tours to spots like the Hillsborough River, where you can glimpse wildlife and escape into nature for a bit.

Ybor Best Nightclubs

Check Out The Local Nightlife

Price: $ – $$

Why You Need To Go: Tampa is known for its amazing nightlife scene, which ranges from bars and Uber-cool restaurants to high-end nightclubs. You can explore multi-level venues that will blow your mind, or enjoy a little two-stepping at some of the local Honky Tonks. If you’re craving a little taste of everything, why not hop on a bar and club tour to sample all the city has to offer and more?

Ghost Tours & More

Price: $ – $$

Why You Need To Go: Still seeking that adrenaline rush even after the sun sets? Why not indulge in a haunted tour hosted by a company that has seen it all and knows it all? You can choose from food or drink tours that take you around the city’s most spooky spots, letting you learn more about the town lore. If you are craving a history lesson without the scares, there are a number of businesses that offer tours during the day, too.

Dolphin Sightings Galore

Price: $ – $$

Why You Need To Go: A few places throughout the city offer sunset or daytime boat cruises with the added bonus of dolphin sightings. Whether you want to spend the day soaking up rays, or catching a glimpse of some amazing sea creatures, a boat tour is the perfect way to explore the nautical side of Tampa.

Helicopter Tours

Price: $ – $$

Why You Need To Go: So you’ve seen everything you wanted to see up close and personal, but what about from above? If you really want to add a lavish spin to your visit, indulge in a helicopter tour that will give you a bird’s eye view of the city. Nothing beats an epic view to finish off a truly remarkable trip, right?

No matter how you spend your time in Tampa, you are sure to see and do some truly amazing things- so go ahead and book that trip! You know you want to.



Things to do in Tampa Bay, Florida


  1. The Florida Aquarium In Tampa Bay

  2. Tampa Speed Boat Adventures

  3. Busch Gardens

  4. Explore Bayshore Boulevard

  5. Kayak Or Canoe The Waterways

  6. Check Out The Local Nightlife

  7. Ghost Tours & More

  8. Helicopter Tours

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